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Textures doesent get exported

A topic by Streams created Oct 19, 2018 Views: 116 Replies: 2
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i exported some Customblockbuildings into an obj file with merging the blocks.

After that i tried to import it in Unity. everythink is fine beside that the texture is not ex/imported. I can see that he created a material for it but its just the default one.

Do i make a mistake?

Best regards


When you export your model it'll also export texture files (PNG), make sure to import them too. Then, drag your OBJ + MTL file (very important) into Unity and it should import fine.

Hope that works!

Its not working i attach two screenshot how it should look like and how it looks in Unity. Im using default textures from asset forge.

But i see that i get a error message upon importing?

Also attached as image




I hope this helps.