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Base Wars

A Turn Based, Real Time Strategy Game · By andy98725

Getting Into Base Wars

A topic by andy98725 created Oct 16, 2018 Views: 156 Replies: 3
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The game can be a bit intimidating initially, so hopefully this guide will help you learn the basics.

Once you've got it set up (see setup guide), go to local game (top right button) and set the time at the bottom to the longest setting. Then, choose whichever map looks nicest to you.

Click on units/buildings to select them, then click the actions in the bottom right to do them. You can do every action in any order, but if a unit starts building something, then it's busy until the structure's finished.  Hover over actions to get more info about them.

Lastly, building mines is very important- Mines in yellow give you +20 resources/turn, and mines in pink give you +40/turn. But that's the catch- mines can only be built in the yellow and pink zones.

Build a barracks and take a few turns to march some troops over to the other base. You win when you destroy their Nexus.

And that's it! Everything from here is just producing better troops more efficiently, taking resource areas/defending, and researching troop upgrades. Try out different builds and troop types, and come join us for a game at the Discord:


Tips for beginners- Econ is the name of the game, always try and increase your econ if you can. Don't build too many scouts with your Nexus or you'll fall behind on econ because of lack of builders. Never leave your econ undefended. Cripple your opponent's econ at every opportunity. Micro wins battles, econ wins wars. 

tl;dr econ is important.


Tech is also pretty important so build that if you can. Don't just keep spamming barracks because at some point you have to upgrade.