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Not bad in concept and I can see it going somewhere

A topic by Sumire's Husbando created Sep 15, 2023 Views: 298 Replies: 4
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However,  my playthrough on android was far from smooth and riddled with bugs.


Thanks for the feedback. The only phone I have for developing is my own personal one. 
Would you mind telling me your phone model and what issues you had so I know what to look for?

It's a samsung galaxy A14, and the issues are extreme lagginess, character NPC characters not loading in, etc.

How are you developing it? From what platform?


I see. That's a recent phone.

The game runs fine on my phone, Mi mix 2, but there might be some factor playing here... What do you mean by lagginess? if it's about the game being stuck at 15 FPS, that's intended as a safeguard while I'm still figuring out the android port (it's my first time porting a game to phone). As for NPC characters not loading in, I haven't been able to reproduce this issue - if the cutscenes play with them, then it should work. If you mean that you can't find any NPC on campus, then it's also supposed to be that way right now, as I'm still in the process of adding the NPCs... very alpha..

If you'd like to uncap the FPS, you can try typing in the chat: "/fpslimit 60" this should increase the FPS if your phone is capable.

But yeah, as you can see I'm still trying to figure out how it works and I appreciate feedback, since I lack phones to test the game on. Hopefully that changes next year

I see