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Welcome to Northbury Grove...we hope you survive your stay! · By Scythe Dev Team

Mrs. Tree’s Festival Needs

A topic by failbender created Oct 11, 2018 Views: 68 Replies: 5
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Hey Devs! Are you guys actual music festival goers? My brother has a business that he sets up for days-long festivals called “Mr. B’s Festival Needs” and he’s pretty well known! He sells things that folks may have forgotten at home, like suntan lotion, tampons, earplugs - a general store, if you will. His slogan is “If you forgot it, we brought it!” So imagine my surprise and happiness when I was watching an LP (Jacksepticeye) of this and Mrs. Tree’s came up! It is probably just a coincidence, but I like to believe you guys are Mr. B’s fans. Great work on the game so far, sound design is great and it’s terrifying getting chased by that... thing. Give Crystal the rest of her shirt though!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi Failbender.

That is 100% a reference to your brother. I was wondering if anyone would ever catch it! I used to play festivals like Rock the Resort (hence, Rock the Warehouse) and Strange Creek in a few different bands, most notably Neighborhood Formula and Positive Mental Trip. (I even played a guest spot at silent disco at Vibes one year.) I also followed the Dead on tour back in 2009 when they had Warren, followed Furthur for a bit as well.  I mean I also listen to heavy metal, synthwave, and hip hop among many other things, so I'm not 100% hippie Deadhead. But I've gone to / played dozens of festies and gigs in the jam band circuit. 

I've seen Mr B's festival needs everywhere. Gotten supplies from them, hung out with girls who said "I got in for free, I volunteered with Mr B's festival needs and got a free wristband!" Mr B's rocks it, that's why I felt compelled to make a reference, in-game, given his service to all the hungry hungry hippies over the years.

But yea, good eye, you caught the reference! Tell Mr B's he rocks

Jon of the Shred


OH MY GOD!!! That is so incredible!!! I am sharing all of this with him right now and am positively ecstatic. Thank you for the little plug!! I've never been more giddy about a horror game before!!


Not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped someone caught the reference! And from Mr B's sibling, no less!

Another funny story. A newer member of our team got a message from his cousin. "Hey Victor, I was watching one of my favorite streamers and your name is in the video game!" That's right, we put his name on Crystal's shirt after he beta tested an early version of the map! She had watched Jack's video and noticed her cousin's name on Crystal's shirt.

Awww that's so awesome! If only Jacksepticeye knew how many people spotted neat personal connections in his Lets Play! XD 


He didn't beat the game, maybe he'll play it again. We certainly wouldn't mind!