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All Walls Must Fall

A Tech-Noir Tactics game set in Berlin 2089, where the Cold War never ended. · By inbetweengames

I kinda think I missing out on something.

A topic by BiZZ Keryear created Oct 10, 2018 Views: 138 Replies: 3
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After playing one of the early alphas I set this game aside to not spoil it too much for me ... and forgot about it ... till yesterday ... So I got the steam keys downloaded it and got in the menu and saw the "rewards" section where I can enter "the access code from my id"...

And there comes my problem ... I have no idea what to enter there. 


Hello BiZZ! The digital IDs were rewards for certain pledge levels, so it depends what level you backed at. If you backed at Informal Collaborator or above you should've received by email at least one digital ID with an access code that you can enter in this Rewards section.

If you can't find any emails from us, drop me a line at with your kickstarter email address and I can take a look for you.

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Thanks, after having a closer look and finally searching for the domain in my mails ( I also finally found the mail with my ID. (Tho, which I think could have been done better better ... looks a little bit done lazy)

Umm, I just seen that there is a spot for a picture ... Should I have submitted one?

Developer (1 edit)

It depends on your Pledge level.  You can see the Kickstarter update where we detailed all the IDs with previews of how they would look, as well as how they'd work, here: