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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Do not want my son to flirt with me.

A topic by law24 created Oct 10, 2018 Views: 1,209 Replies: 6
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So, i play a Male main char. Eventually i have a son. It kinda frustrates me that eventually i have to unlock intimacy with him to lvl him up. After that random events are an ass to me xD. (yes i know i can just load Autosave to try and change lvl up Requisition,)

Any way to fix this?

You can also use Notepad++ to edit your save if you know what you are doing. Although the format of your save file can look rather soul crashing with one line stretching right to eternity.

There are JSON plugins for Notepad++ that make viewing and editing the save file much easier.

Can you provide a link to them? I'm a beginner at using Notepad++ to edit things.

You can unlock intimacy and then stop the sex scene immediately.

The oblivion potion clears out what they think they want to level up. No guarantee it won't just roll the exact same thing, but at least it's an in-game option instead of save scumming.  It does raise their magic toxicity though and can cause them to start mutating if you do it more than once.