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The Indie Game Legend 3D [Alpha Demo]

Explore, blast, and rescue indies in this NES inspired first-person shooter-vania! · By progrium

Feedback - Love the game

A topic by codegoblin created 12 days ago Views: 17 Replies: 1
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Absolutely adore this game. Some feedback:
- The disappearing items can be overly frustrated in the gauntlet-like rooms (where there are waves of enemies) . I think the game would be more fun if either the timer were much longer on the disappearance or they just never disappeared at all
- The Star Fox/7800 style zaxxon computer shooter levels would be a little less frustrating if there were another intermediate up/down shooting vector, rather than just a single 45 degree angle
- Sometimes the second boss's eye was not hittable despite it being open and no wooden projectiles/waves obstructing my lazer shot.
- In at least one of the dark rooms, the spiders can jump over the pyramids that sculpt the maze. This can be very frustrating as you sometimes take damage without being about to react. Perhaps the spiders should be gated by the maze as well.
- As nostalgic as they are, doom/wolfenstein style secret doors (even despite the hint) make it so (for a diligent player) every room you have to wrap around the parameter, which is somewhat sadistic and not fun. I'd say it's better to key into a more modern approach and give a visual hint, rather than making the player constantly need to waste time/fun roaming around every room.
- I think it would be more fun/challenging if the floor ice gliding effect in area 3 were more pronounced.

Keep up the great work! I'm only to area 3 but I intend on giving more notes as I get more time to beat the game.


Wow, that's all great feedback and a lot of it we already have on the list. Glad you like it and enjoyed it enough to share your feedback.