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Is ruthless worth a play?

A topic by Superslowmotion created 38 days ago Views: 318 Replies: 3
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Sorry if the title sounds mean just...I don't want to hurt Asterion. Does it add a good deal of worldbuilding or background the other routs don't? My completionism compels me but I think my heart may shatter. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sincerely, conflicted in a magical hotel.

P.S Also thank you to the team for making characters that I care about so much that I don't want to play a rout of your game, that sounded backhanded but these characters are all so genuine it makes me love them all.


There are many reason's you could be interested in reading the Ruthless Route.

1. There are many revelations that are too far from the main story. It's possible some of them might not even appear in the main game.

2. While you do have to hurt Asterion (and it sucks, it absolutely sucks), the Ruthless route is not entirely about that. You don't get to spend too long abusing Asterion before a certain shift happens and the real meat of the story becomes clear.

3. It's pretty short in comparison to the rest of the game, so even if it does hurt, it goes by quickly. It provides an unique conclusion to the MinoH storyline that actually ties some loose ends (albeit in a strange way).

That said, I don't think it's an obligatory experience. It's really good writing and art-wise, but (depending on which ending) you might get some uncomfortable or even triggering scenes, so I wouldn't judge anyone for not going for it. 

I do recommend it though, it's peak Minotaur Hotel content.


Thanks for the reply Cardagan! I actually found a few ways of making it more enjoyable at least for myself. I named the protag something childish like "just a real bastard" so that everytime someone addressed then it was that. Also I after playing through the main storyline I'm just rooting for Asterion Kota and Nico to put the protagonist in his place. Also hearing that it's not just all hurting the poor boy makes me feel a lot better. Thanks again.


to answer simply, yes it is. you get to see some reveals and lore info that are not present in the main story currently.