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Gameplay Video, no commentary

A topic by Pure Gameplay created Jul 11, 2016 Views: 279 Replies: 3
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Really hard, all hacks (minsweeper games) seem impossibly hard.


Hi, I can't thank you enough for posting this video!

This is just perfect for us - prototype authors to see how someone is playing the game for the first time.

We were afraid that hacking stuff will be too hard... We hope it will not be so hard, when you'll grasp the first concept... which we failed to deliver apparently :D

So - the most important concept is - click the corners first. They guarantee to hold green tiles. Take a look at the "demo" combination on the left - it shows that every green tile is always surrounded by alert tiles... So you can use alert tiles' location to understand where the green ones are :D

You can try training on lamps - no risk of getting caught there - just click away and learn... :)

Interesting to see a new video, or just learn your opinion if you'll find time to try the hacking again.

Thanks again... that's very nice of you indeed.

Glad to hear it's useful! Thanks for explaining. I'm not sure what you mean by corners and whether it was possible to predict where to click.

I thought it'd be possible to take over robots so they'd fight each other (Deus Ex style).

Still, interesting level!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Thanks for the new video!

Congrats on completing the level.
And you've managed to jam the transformer! Cool 8)

Taking over robots is planned, of course. But on later stages of the development...

I'll try to explain what I mean by "corners".

Consider the following image

| ! | ! | ! |
| ! | G | ! |
| ! | ! | ! |

! = alert tile, G = green tile.

Now imagine that all the playing field is built of only such blocks! Every green tile is always surrounded by alert tiles.

So, if we have such a case in any corner of the playing field:

| ! | ! | ! |
| ! | ? | ? |
| ! | ? | ? |

We can be 100% sure that the bold question mark (?) is 100% percent a green tile.
Try it out for yourself ;)

But beware... it only works in the corners of the playing field, because in other places alert tile may come from other nearby green tiles.

Hope it will help :)

Of course, it's our fault of not explaining that properly... not sure how to do that, though :D

If anyone who will understand that is able to propose a good explanation - you are very welcome :)