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I'd love to make a song for this game.

A topic by burggg created Sep 27, 2018 Views: 213 Replies: 2
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I'd love to make music for the game to help out in some way

I can't purchase or donate to the patreon at the moment but I do plan on doing so

I'm not asking for a free copy or anything lol

I'd just like to help out in some way

you can fine my music here

And here

I experiment a lot with my sound as of late so I'd be able to make just about any genre you need if you're looking for something specific

If you need to contact me privately you can use my email

Or my discord


Join the butterflies official discord. All the devs are in

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Would it be possible if i could also participate in this project and contribute music for it!? : O It's been a fanboy dream of mine for years to make music for the next Jet Set Radio game of mine. Many years ago, i used to try to emulate Naganuma's style. Formerly known as Klutchmusic, i was part of the Naganuma Sample discovery team. I joined the discord as (Xonah #0001) Here's an old album reel. The second and third songs are the ones i wanted to demonstrate specifically. 

A shibuya-kei like track

However, out of everything, THIS (From my side project soundcloud) is probably the most JSR sounding thing I've done. (a little bit distortion heavy, but it was once reposted by naganuma ) 

I'm willing to show more if wanted. But it would be an extreme pleasure to work with the game.

While returning form a two-three year long hiatus from public releases, i haven't put anything new out there in a while. 

But these are my links for reference 

Also, though i haven't done it in a while, i was one of the many Naganuma sample hunters and found a massive majority of them, along with others like Spindash and L@Gi. I was credited as Klutchmusic or (Isaiah Eddington) back then. 

An example of one of my findings:

And the following video i didn't MAKE, but i helped find some samples, and part of the team that discovered the samples. At the end of the video, i'm credited.