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A cancelled survival game set in the English countryside. · By Awkward Silence Games

No download?

A topic by J203-NotSoFamous created Sep 25, 2018 Views: 90 Replies: 3
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Hey, I'm sad to see that this has been cancelled. Can we look forward to a download?


Probably not any time soon.

There's probably content enough for a demo, but it's not put together in any user friendly way.


That sucks to hear. :( I'd still be down to play the demo, whether it is user friendly or not. :)

I hope the game is on hold (rather than cancelled), since there is a still release date indicated (01 Dec 2018 ?) on the game page. The game synopsis & screenshots look very intriguing.

Besides "random, profound and depressing interactions with NPCs", I would also look forward to interacting with burial sites & tomb markers --  given that the game takes place during an epidemic. A modern-day Black Death perhaps ?