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[Proofreader] Available to hire free for game projects - Enquiries welcome!

A topic by DragonLady created Jul 08, 2016 Views: 310
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Hi community! My name is Amy, I am a proofreader and editor with a fondness for indie games, and I'm looking for some interesting projects to help out with.

My main personal interest would probably be in horror games but I am a big fan of all things new and interesting, and have released dialogue-heavy RPG Maker games in the past, so really I'm up for most challenges.

I am experienced in correcting/clarifying the writing of ESL clients as well, so if you're a keen indie developer and English isn't your first language, I can make it perfect for you, to give your players the very best impression of your game. I have done developmental editing of fiction in the past, so if you need any help improving the style or 'flow' of your dialogue I am able to work with that too.

While I am a career proofreader, I have some free time at present which I could happily devote to small projects with minimal or average amounts of dialogue. E-mail me at and tell me what you need (what type of game you're developing, approximately how much dialogue and if you have a deadline), and if I can fit your project into my spare time I will. :) I will stay in touch with you during my work on your project, and I always deliver on time.

[Please send me enquiries via the e-mail address above or the form on my website, as I may not check this forum every day!]

If you have a bigger game or are looking for a paid proofreader, my rates can be found on my business website:

Thanks for reading - have a great day!