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Vertex and Normal problem with OBJ export

A topic by ChenHuang created Sep 23, 2018 Views: 171 Replies: 4
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I bought AssetForge today and ran into some problem while exporting the model. Here's what I made in AssetForge:

Looks good. So I exported the model into OBJ with "merge block" enabled and "no export" for textures. Then I loaded the OBJ file up in blender, it looks wrong:

Here's the link to the .model file in question:

Thank you.

Looks like some weird conversation problem between another modeling Software and Blender. I know that Maya and 3ds Max (maybe?) having their own smoothing "groups" and shading conventions. If i seperate the piece, adjusting the edges and faces .. (weird hard edges selection..) and seperate the front pieces.. i get at least a better result. I also think, there is a problem with the material instances. 

Really interesting, i never saw something like this xD

I tried your model in Godot and it seems ok , it may be Blender export thats at fault.

I was going to report the same problem

There's definitely something weird in the way blender is importing these models, I exported a single block to OBJ and loaded into unreal:

And then I exported from Unreal to FBX and imported into blender, here are the results from the same block imported directly from Asset Forge (OBJ, left) and using Unreal (OBJ then FBX, right):

Had very similar results exporting to FBX to Unreal and then FBX to Blender (I can't open ASCII FBX in Blender). 

The weird thing is that I've imported other FBX meshes from Unreal to blender before and haven't had this problem. It seems to me that some kind of information in these meshes are making the blender importer act strange with the normals and materials. (I modified some normals in Blender, exported to Asset Forge, then imported again as OBJ, and this one didn't have issues, although it lost a lot of smooth edges and groups information when I modified the normals and changed materials)


Yup same here. I notice that some of the blocks have another layer or mesh which clashes when exporting. Like with the Convertible Blocks for cars, there was an extra color underneath (yellow by default). Here is the car was was building. And yes its the Mach 5.

Showing it off.