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Potshot Pirates - Turn-based ship battles on the high seas!

A topic by Jimmy Schubert created Sep 19, 2018 Views: 65
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Potshot Pirates

Yarr! A merry Talk like a Pirate day to the lot of ye!

I'm excited to announce my free browser game, Potshot Pirates, a simple strategy game inspired by the likes of Tank Stars, Scorched Earth and Gorillas!


Snipe the enemy from afar or destroy all of their islands to drag them into the deadly maelstrom!

Unleash special weapons including Homing Rockets, Cannonball Proof Bubble Shields and bait-balls to summon the mighty Kraken!

Potshot Pirates!


The culmination of a month or so of work, Talk like a Pirate Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to get over the monumental hurdle in game development of 'actually releasing something'.

I'd love to continue building this project and if it gains traction there's a bunch of features I want to add including:

1) Local Multiplayer

2) Progression and Meta

3) Online Multiplayer

4) A Mobile Version

All feedback is welcome, thank you and hope you have fun!

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