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[MUSIC] Holland Albright, Composer for hire ♫ ~ Orchestral | Piano | Fantasy

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Hi there! I'm Holland. I'm a freelance composer writing in many genres of music, and I specialize in orchestra, piano, classical, and fantasy music.

Visit my website for more info about me and to hear samples of my work:

You can listen to music organized by mood/style on my YouTube playlists:

If you need music for your project, feel free to reach out. You can contact me through my website here.





Melody Stories (VGM collection on Spotify)

Echoes of Fantasy (piano solo album on Spotify)


21 Days of VGM Composition Challenge (full playlist on YouTube:

Piano Solos (full playlist on YouTube:

Full Portfolio (full playlist on YouTube:

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Here's a few recent pieces. 

I'm available for work if you need a composer for your project. 

You can contact me here if you have any questions.

Hey, I have an unusual question for you if you don't mind me asking...what do you use for your video screens on your songs on youtube?  Do you make those yourself?

I make them using It's a free graphic design site with a bunch of great stuff. :) 

New piano piece! I'm available for work. If you need music for your projects, please contact me.

New piano piece!

I'm still available for projects. If you need music, please feel free to contact me

Hey! I'm looking for new projects to work on, so if you need music for your game, let me know!

Also, here's a new orchestra piece.

My newest collection of RPG-inspired VGM is now available!



I'm available for work. Feel free to send me a message if you need music. 

New piano piece! :)

If you need music for your project, I'm available for work. Please feel free to send me a message if you need music.

New piano solo

I'm available for work. If you need music for your project, feel free to contact me

Here's a new piano solo.

Hi! I'm available for work. Let me know if you need music for your project. 
Contact me here:

New piano piece (it's a love theme!)

I'm available for work! 
If you need music for your project, you can reach out to me here:

New fantasy main theme/intro piece. 

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Hello everyone! I'm available to work on your projects. If you'd like to contact me, or add my email to your contacts, please feel free to reach out to me here:

Looking forward to working with you!


~ 'Setting Out' for piano and orchestra ~