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I have a Spektrum DX8 which works for all channels except the rudder channel with a usb dongle. What can I do to get the rudder channel to work??


Here are some general suggestions that often help when one channel is not recognized:

- Make sure you don't have any other joysticks/controllers connected, that might cause a conflict.
- Make sure you uninstall vJoy and Smartpropoplus if you have them. Their driver messes with things when connecting via USB.
- Make sure you have "Heli" selected as model type on your radio. ("Plane" often doesn't work very well).
- Check if there's a switch on the dongle where you can select different modes.
- Perhaps you can remap the output channels (in the menu of the transmitter) so that it sends to another channel.

If none of the above works you could try to connect a 3.5mm mono audio cable from the trainer port of the transmitter to the audio-in (or mic-in) jack of your computer, along with a software called Smartpropoplus.
There is more info on that in the Spektrum setup tips document: