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Gambler Skill - "Lucky"

A topic by DelitaFFT created Sep 14, 2018 Views: 1,298 Replies: 2
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What does it actually do? And is it currently working as intended? I have it applied to a character but I can't figure out what it does, if anything.

Nm, from the looks of things it seems it gives 5% evasion and crit which is kind of silly compared to the skills that give 25% Evasion and 25% Crit respectively.  I feel like this should be upped to at least 10%/10% to make it worth using a skill slot.


It actually  gives 5% evasion, crit, steal chance and hit accuracy. It's fairly powerful :)

Also, the Evasion skill has been dropped to 20% on the latest build.