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2D polygonal level editing tool for Unity · By Shreveport Arcade

Amazing tool for platformer games

A topic by Geckoo1337 created Jul 07, 2016 Views: 305 Replies: 2
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This tool is just amazing allowing us to create some clever levels really quickly. This one is better than all tools which we could buy on Asset Store. Now I understand that I have wasted my time trying another way in order to create levels in my older projects. However I had some difficulties so as to understand all mechanics. Some tutorials could be really useful. Thank you for this great contribution. I love it ++


Much appreciated. The current version as it exists on github is structured entirely different, and I'm likely to make a lot more changes to the base structure before I consider it a release version. This is the main reason I haven't done any tutorials past the quick introduction on youtube. Once I've settled on a structure to store data that won't change drastically in the long run, I'll post a tutorial.

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Finally I could create some solid scene using this tool. I like it. However, I noticed a big memory problem when I created 3/4 layers like in your video. Unity simply crashes and I cannot do anything - except a reboot. Respectfully there is a lack of stability. For information, I use Unity 5.3 on Win10 64b. I am sure that the next releases will be more stable. However, at this stage - and unfortunately with regrets - I cannot work efficiently with this tool. Please don't give up. I will be happy to help you testing the updated releases. I wish you the best. Thank you ++