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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Automatic Base Ideas

A topic by Gappy The Hiraffe created Sep 07, 2018 Views: 341 Replies: 2
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I have a couple ideas that could make the game more interesting for people with a hunger for automatizing everything and making it self-functioning

1.- A pipe-like thing ( or just the wire in game ) capable of moving the water from the rain collectors into the base water tanks

2.- Focusing on survival, a thirst meter that depletes continously and makes you weaker the lower it is

3.- Water needed to be purified with fire or an advanced purifier

4.- A event ( like the sandstorm ) called "Radiation Rain", wich does damage when you go out the base

That's all for me, i'll think in other ideas later.

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I would like to add "an automatic" idea/correction (easy to code) for the game that will help player:

I remarked that the "auto airlock" doesn't function as intuitively intended: I use generally multiples airlocks on my base (min 2), and when i enter from an auto-one... the others auto-airlocks should automatically switch to "leave mode" (because there only the one cat in here, and when it is indoor, he can only go outdoors! XD) And the opposite when i leave via an airlock.

Sooo... the auto airlocks should "check" if the cat is indoor/outdoor and switch to leave/enter mode all at once! (if there is a normal airlock, it doesn't switch obviously... but the 'auto-others' should it do even if we walk-in via a normal one! it is intuitive like that.) I think it would add the "auto feeling" that we want to feel with multiple auto-airlocks in our Epic base! B-] (for not much coding!)

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i thought of the "radiation storm" too AWTGTS! :-D I think it is a great idea!

There is already a "rain storm" (with lightning! :->) so i think it will be confusing to add an "radiation rain" too IMO... But i was thinking of a "aurora/solar_flare event" (a good way to show a nice graphical effect here! hahaha) that is a "radiation event" too! In the beginning the aurora can be sweet green (pale, but greener & greener with time)... but at a random moment it turns violet/fushia (higher density/energy,;because red is lower than green in energy/frequency so it doesn't make sense lol) and damages the player little by little while outdoors (but no so much to kill it in one event; but in a weakened state, it could very be be fatal! :-X)

It should be a fun "OMG  i MUST go to base NOW!" moment! hahaha! more fear than harm here lol X'D (even more if the player doesn't notice the faint green color at the beginning around the screen or "the special sun flare effect" hahaha; or forgot that the purple/violet/indigo/fushia one is dangerous after that! Maybe having a 25% chance that the "violent/violet one" after the green does not show up is a good trick too! B-] )

If in a vehicle in a long travel, the player could take (in inventory or trailer) a room & airlock just to survive/shelter the "bad aurora"... the aurora could boost the input of "solar panels" temporarily (150/200%!), even damage/break a random % of them (can repair it after, like the other event). It could be a nice touch! (taking a solar panel in case of an aurora/flare with a mini-base setup could save your life! and the smart ones could use the max output of panels to craft some heavy gears at once or max charge batteries! B-) )

Aurora should be occurring at night too (maybe only at night for the best visual?), to illuminate randomly a "dark moment" (the players don't like night! lol) with a strange/colorful atmospheric moment! ( a greenish/purplish halo night... :-O ) :-D It would be so cool! (and unexpected the first time!Panic guarantied! héhéhé)