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A topic by mochikos created Sep 04, 2018 Views: 284 Replies: 3
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after your first encounter with the matador, ferris's sprite is mirrored (and i can't do anything but repeat the encounter, it seems? when i do that, it goes back to normal, but the matador appears in front of ferris at every door, o it's impossible to complete.) i restarted to see if this happened again and it did :(


oh gosh that is a really bad bug T___T i’ll get on it right away, hopefully will upload a fix tonight! sorry about that 💦

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It's fine! I found a way around the bug (turns out I wasn't levelled enough for the second encounter) but it keeps them backwards, haha! I love the game!


whew i’m glad you were able to keep going! i’ll look the backwards thing asap anyway, so happy to hear you’re into the game!!