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A simple minimalist text editor. · By Rekka & Devine


A topic by daacosta created Aug 29, 2018 Views: 117 Replies: 3
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It is a fantastic editor.  I love using it... I am getting used to it...  You guys really thought about it... Now (people start asking for more features, more bells, more whistles, more, more, more) would it be possible (Please notice my smiley face :D) to have citations support from biblatex, pdf export, and the capability to make vanilla ice-cream (OK, if the very last feature can not be implemented that would be alright.) 

I want to donate some money to the project...Link?


PDF Export YES! I'll look into biblatex :)

You can support the app through Patreon, or make Pull Requests, or just buy it through itch :) 

Stay tuned for PDF export!

Sometimes it is fine to look at other projects to see their features.  Have you by any chance compared Left with has all functions (this little monster also has a tex export feature worth seeing) I want but a few that you guys have:

1.  Preview: I just need this.

2. Not hiding markdown syntax: adorable as it is, hides my markdown and I need to see it.

Moeditor is nice: it does tables, math, pdf, html export but no footnotes and no bibtex...

In short, I believe in Left (why that name?) and I will support it and use it.




I just had the best idea for footnotes, let me make a new build with that. I'll let you know when it's up.

Left, the name? I'm sure you can figure it out.  It's a great name when you see it.