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Emulator Update Paywall

A topic by ircluzar created Jul 01, 2016 Views: 504 Replies: 3
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The emulator update paywall is a potential threat to the project. Not that it would be a problem in itself but if Nintendo hits you with a shutdown letter, chances are that you won't even be legally allowed to release the source. Selling a "Privilege" on updates isn't any different from selling the emulator itself when seen by corporate lawyers.

Please keep that in mind.

Thank you for the your reminding.

hmmm, emulators are actually LEGAL. So long as you dont include roms its fine. You can buy emulators on google play just fine, and they usually have dropbox support or something to load them easier on your phone.

But one thing i would advise is removing the megaman 2 gif off your store page, find a homebrew NES game and ask creator to use it, it will remove nintendo eyes pretty much from the entire thing. Also you could probably get in touch with some homebrew nes devs and maybe include a game plus 3dn as an example.

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As i remember about the conflict of Sony and Bleem, the final words of court were the in-game image using act of Bleem on their CD label for promotion was fair use. My 3d megaman gif is even far from the in-game 2d image...