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The Bunny Hill Horror- Free Online Graphic Novel Game

A topic by Krunchy Fried Games created Aug 28, 2018 Views: 262 Replies: 3
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Update 20-01-2019- early screenshots

"You have a problem: you're out of work, and the government is threatening to cut off your benefits. Don't worry- Oswald Mandias will help you. He'll help everybody. Once his dreams of resurrecting an ancient kingdom are realised, nobody will be spared his benevolence.

In this free, adventure-choosing graphic novel game, you must outwit drugged-up zombies, genetically modified monstrosities, seductive sisters and one very sadistic secretary, in order to prevent a dark and terrifying future for mankind. Oh, and get to the pub quiz in time because your mate Dave won't stop nagging you about it."

From the creators of Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My)

Please note, I’m the writer/ creative fella, so these features below will be from a design rather than a technical viewpoint, as Coder Mike sorts that out. A lot of the desired features are based on improvements from our first game. Please follow us if this sounds like your cup of tea. The best way to tell if you’ll like it is to give our first game a run out, or watch a streamer play it if you're really lazy...


13+ and 18+ Versions

Full Screen and Download Version (Witches... just had a small, windowed mode which made it difficult to stream amongst other things)

Better menu/ item system. More dynamic

Game now written specifically as a video game, not just an adapted ebook.

Game to be in 3 parts. This is essentially a way of breaking the game down into chunks to stop me getting overwhelmed.

Some kind of save system. Mike and I aren’t big fans of putting save points everywhere, but a lot of player comments on Kongregate requested this, so we might have to give in.

  Completed/ Ongoing/ To Do

Plotting, puzzles and locations- 100% complete

Very schlocky poster(!)- 100% complete

Blurb- 100% complete

Write Story- about 25% complete

Finding/ begging permission/ taking photos for cool images to use- 80% complete

Finding/ begging permission/ taking recordings for cool music/ ambience/ sound effects to use- 10% complete

Graphics editing with Gimp- to do

Sound editing with Audacity- to do

Opening menu- To do

Proofreading/ bug testing- To do

Come up with some kind of publicity plan to get people actually playing it- 10% complete

Probably several dozen other things that will only spring to mind in the future. I’ll try to record them on here as I think of them. Hopefully this will be a good tool to help with developing the game.

Updates with early screenshots 20-02-2019.


Graphics are looking good.

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Thanks for your comment! Backgrounds are photos I took at Tamworth Castle and Bunny Hill in Stoke and the characters are Deviant Art stock models. Editing done using G'mic for Gimp.