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Norton deletes GDM upon startup.

A topic by AohknKohr created Aug 25, 2018 Views: 295 Replies: 4
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I got a new laptop with Norton installed (I've heard stories of how awful Norton is, but it was out of my control), and it keeps on uninstalling games, including GDM. any chance of fixing this in a future update?


This happens in almost all cases due to the fact that you are downloading the game from the internet. Every downloaded file from the browser is marked as potentially unsafe, which triggers the antivirus. I assure you that we have nothing even remotely close to malware. There's no way to fix it on our end.

well, the thing is, other games haven't been deleted. for example, Kyle and Lucy Wonderworld and Super Mario Flashback both downloaded fine. in fact, I think Grand Dad Mania is the only game that has been deleted by Norton.

Norton is inconsistent and dumb, stuff like this happens to me alot, it's fine. It's possible to restore the file, when Norton tells you it's unsafe, there is a "file details" button, you can restore the file from there.

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Honestly, if you think norton is that bad, just uninstall it and get Malwarebytes. It's accurate in finding malware in software, i've had no problem whatsoever. (Other than downloading exploits for roblox)
You can get Malwarebytes here.