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Ever Growing - Make / Play

Make your own stage, set of stages or even entire platform type of game with NPC's and story! · By MMM

Game discussion

A topic by MMM created Jun 29, 2016 Views: 608 Replies: 4
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Comment everything related to "Ever Growing" game here.

Official page:

What game engine do you use?


Game maker 8. I tried to use Game Maker studio but GM8 have better option for player to save created level.

Cool. I use GameMaker: Studio and have been working on my own level editor recently.

Saving is a little weird. I use ini files for saving and loading levels.

I liked your game, by the way :


Thank you! :) Ini saving is a problem for me. Save is working as it should but I don't know where the save is. Game Maker 8 make save directly into the folder. That is the main reason why I'm using GM8 for this game.