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I have played the game and here is my verdict!

A topic by Aural created Aug 24, 2018 Views: 193 Replies: 1
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I fallen in love with this game for life, and I've decided to get married right away...

Seriously, once I started playing it, I bought the guide and the "arena circus gold", in addition to joining your patreon ($ 5), only to be able to see spoilers of the following chapters.

Charming characters, intriguing history, exquisite art, and also makes you smile.

Also, the romance is great!

(My OTP is Aldrich x Lilie)

Now, I will answer the questionnaire that you have left:

1) I'm going to marry this game. (I've mentioned it before)

2) I have many favorite parts, but it killed me for the part that Aldrich and Lilie "disguised" for the party, and that Leslie flirted with Lilie male version.

3) A special scene or chapter on the beach or pool, where they have to fight in swimsuits (So you add more clothes), and there will be romantic summer-like scenes.

4) More romantic scenes, or more things from the past of the characters, especially the past relationship of Aldrich and Lilie, as they went from "forced relationship due necessity and desperation" to "comrades in arms who trust their backs to each other"

5) Of the sexy type... Although also cool clothes would be fine, and if you add Japanese things like yukatas, or other countries, I would also like.

6) Mmm... A scene where they drink alcohol?

I hope my answer is useful, thank you for making such an amazing game.


Thanks so much for your feedback! I love your suggestions, they would make great bonus chapters. You'll definitely get more backstory in chapter 4, so that's something to look forward to. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much, and hope you contnue to enjoy future updates! Progress is slow but steady, and your support really helps to keep me going. Thanks again!