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YouTube gaming channel looking for great games to make videos for!

A topic by Vo0do0leW created Aug 23, 2018 Views: 311 Replies: 16
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Hey everyone!

My name is Vo0do0leW and I'm always on sites like to find great indie games! I have been using the site for several years, but never thought to enter the community section!

Anyway, I have a small YouTube gaming channel (50 subscribers at the time of writing), and I'm always playing indie games! 

The trouble is sometimes it can be hard to find great free indie games unless they're on the featured page. That's where this little handy post comes in!

If you have any indie games you'd like me to play (usually free, at the moment I don't have any money to spare, but send them if you want and I'll check them when I can), I love indie horror games, but will be more than happy to play games from other genres such as platformers and story driven games (such as RPG Maker games).

If you'd like to get involved just link your game below :) I look forward to seeing your great games!

If you want to check out my channel to see the sort of videos I make/commentary style it's linked here: Vo0do0leW

Cheers everyone :)


Hi Vo0do0leW, 

I've made 2 RPG story driven games and . They both have a free demo (about 1 hour of gameplay). Maybe they suit your channel, try them out. If you need more gameplay, write me at and I'll send you free download codes. Many thanks!

If you want a story driven rpg maker try my, its even in html5

Play my game! 

It is a difficult unfair rage platformer.

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Hi Vo0do0leW,

I'm currently developing a rogue-lite dungeon crawler named Serenade of the Sirens.  You can check the game out here!


Good luck with your channel :) If you don't mind Graphic Novel Games (non-linear), then Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) might be worth a go. It was streamed previously by a Youtuber called Tom Cheshire here who described it as "a lot more fun than I thought it would be".

Let me know if you would be interested in our game - CAGE, a 3D adventure puzzle game, featuring the old Hong Kong and the disappeared area - the Kowloon Walled City, which had also been covered several times by the local press media. 

Our game page:

Our FB : @scaffoldstudio

Our official website:

Looking forward to hearing from you!! Thanks! 

I would gladly appreciate it if you would consider my game called 'The Story Of Maple.' This is a parody game which is really good at making fun of fan-bases and let me tell you, it is hilarious!

Hi  Vo0do0leW, , would like to offer you a puzzle game. I hope you will enjoy.

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Hi Vo0do0leW,

I released a demo for my passion project, Horace, just over a month ago. It's a story driven, platform game about a small robot on a big adventure. Would really appreciate you checking it out.

Itch page:



I see you've increased your subscriber base by 50% in 6 weeks, which isn't bad going!  Not sure my games are quite to your taste but...

If you like retro arcade games -

If you like pointandclick -

If you like turn-=based strategy:


I'm making Gunkid 99, a fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter inspired by SuperCrateBox. It is very arcadey and there is a strong emphasis on getting a Highscore.

Game page:

if you like jokish rpg maker games

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If you are into visual novels it'd be cool to play my lite psychological horror VN 


if you're into twin-stick shooters/brawlers you can try out our new Pre-Alpha build:

HyperParasite on

HyperParasite on Twitter

Retro Dev, a game about "Game Dev Struggles".

Retro Dev is a platformer, rage, adventure game. Each level has a different sound track and each level represents a struggle or other parts of Game Dev.

There is a charismatic "Narrator Guy" who helps you in your journey, he is your tutor, critic and your friend :)

Hi , I have two games to recommend to you. Both are FREE TO PLAY! 

Studio Name: Game Magician Name of Game:Amerak RPG: The Food Magician

Quick Bio of Game: If playing 2D rpg games with a twist of questions is the thing for you. You should really try out Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician! Questions are asking general food, nutrition and health questions. Discover hidden power ups and treasures in objects. 

Amerak  Rpg: The Food  Magician:

Studio Name: Game Magician Name of Game: Emerak 2: Test your English

If you love Art, Music and Language, then you may want to want to learn and test your English skills at Emerak 2. With relaxing art and music, you will calm your mind and find fun working out the answers to English questions.  You can play this in the browser! 

Emerak 2:

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: The game was in development for a week and is complete. Games are generally short, 5-10minutes game. The purpose is to educate on the respective subjects.

Why you became a game developer in the first place: For a hobby. I always wanted to create games but didnt have the time. Finally i have time this year. And I created the games for education.