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Create cool 2D games with a free game editor! · By Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

How long until the tile-based function may be added?

A topic by Mahaer Mahmud created Aug 22, 2018 Views: 134 Replies: 4
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It sounds like a really cool idea. However, I can't get an idea of when it releases. Can you please estimate for me?


I will try to create a prototype for the upcoming mini jam 9 as we use ct.js for our games and we need tiles too :D and depending on how the tile editor works and looks it may be released either in the beginning of the next week or a week later, with a major update.

When is Mini Jam 9?


It starts today and ends on Monday.

Good news: yesterday I managed to create a tiled editor on the ct.IDE side. It still needs more code to be exported and drawn, but looks like it will be released quickly.

Oh goodie!