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Constructive criticism please don't hate me.

A topic by Ya boi bibs created 46 days ago Views: 603 Replies: 6
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You need to change the way main character looks, I feel compelled to say this because I actually enjoy the game and characters so far.

Maybe you plan on adding customization to the main character? it seems very strange that he just has a buzz cut and looks so meh.

I really enjoy the art style of the other characters in the game but I think the artist could do better when it comes to the mc... Looking at the artists personal art he does other human characters better. This is someone we will be stuck playing as for the entirety of the game and will see in cgs. 

The outlaw looks better than the mc... I mean at least just swap them around.

Best wishes. 

The main character is also not to my preferences, though with the full-art scenes, changing him around would not be easy. Maybe someday? Here's hoping for options.

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there's only 2 full art sex cgs, they should change him now before there are more scenes. It's literally just his face and hair that looks weird. 

well,I'm Okay with that


Hey there, sorry it took so long. Itch never notifies me of these things unfortunately.

Firstly, your concerns are noted. His design is mostly based off of my preference and I understand that it might not be for you.

Second, there are plans to update his art soon as it's been almost a year and a half since he was first commissioned. I want him to have various skin-tones to choose from, maybe even hair colors though I haven't decided on the latter.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the updated art when it releases! :)

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I'm sorry if it seems like a bad thing to say. He needs to be a little more unique and put together looking. He looks very generic currently. 

The other art is very fun stylized and unique. 

This is good news that you have plans to change him a bit. I look forward to seeing what you and the artist come up with. 

Honestly, I can live with the buzzcut, I just want him to put his goddamn grippers away.