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Bug: Can't edit current task

A topic by Andersen created Aug 16, 2018 Views: 52 Replies: 4
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Great app, love it!

Unfortunately, I blew my log entries by trying to `edit XX start 14:45`, where XX was the currently running task. It erased my history and the app no longer takes input.

I tried uninstalling (cleaning application support, library folders, etc) and reinstalling but to no avail.

Where does the app keep state on macOS? I think there must be files I haven't gotten a hold of yet.

Developer (1 edit)


Thanks for the feedback. There should be a log.json file in ~/Library/Application Support. The edit command is really clunky; sorry about that. If you edit an entry using the command, you need to include the year, month, and date, not just the hours and minutes. The easier way to edit entries is by clicking on their ID's in the ID column in the Entries tab. A little form will pop up and you can edit from there.

If log.json is still there in the Application Support folder, check if the contents look fine (i.e. not overwritten by anything). If so, you can easily fix the messed up entry start time. Use this little tool to convert the datetime into Log's time format. Remember the input requires the year, month, date, hour, and minutes in the following format: YYYY MM DD hh mm. As an example, July 8 2017 12:00 pm should be written as 2017 06 08 12 00. This should give you "596066d0". That's your time value. The month is denoted as 06 instead of 07 because months start from 00 to 11.

That should fix things for you. I have a busy semester ahead of me so I won't be able to make updates to Log for the next few months. I apologise in advance for any more bugs that pop up in the near future. But don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Let me know how it goes



Great! Thanks for your quick response! I think the log is gone, unfortunately. I'll practice backing up every day from now on.

I see you are running this on GitHub. If I open an issue there along the lines of "robustness of time editing command", would you be interested in mentoring me in electron apps? I'd love to give something back to this tool.


Yeah that's alright. If you're familiar with JavaScript, Electron will be pretty easy since it's basically just a webpage in a browser lol


yeah, had a skim through the source last night, looks very approachable. Will try and plan something, then get back to you.