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Transmission: Lost

A short exploration game created for Wizard Jam 5. · By Fabian Denter

Previously, on LOST....

A topic by Fennecai created Aug 15, 2018 Views: 248 Replies: 2
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this game is amazing! th art in it is top notch, reminds me alot of OBDUCTION, which runs on UE4. it amazes me that this was all made for a game jam. In regards to the story, the last line in it sums up my feeling about how it ended:

"so...what i just, wait?"

but for the rest of the story, man, i havent fealt this kind of mysterious suspense since watching the TV show LOST for the first time. :D a great feeling i want to replicate in my game somehow.


hey, thanks for writing this! :)

NP. :D