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Change the world with the push of a button. · By Alex Johansson

Feedback on Morse - Let me know what you think of the game! Sticky

A topic by Alex Johansson created Jun 23, 2016 Views: 447 Replies: 2
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Hey Folks,

I hope you enjoyed playing Morse! If you could, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback on the project.

Here's some basic questions I'd be super happy to have some answers for!

1. Was it clear who's team you were fighting for?
2. What was the first letter you managed to learn to a competent level and what ones do you still remember?
3. How quickly did you grasp the controls/How to output Morse?
4. Does what to do require greater explanation?
5. Did you manage to reach a game win/lose state?
6. What units/weapons would you like to see added to combat? (Factoring in this is World War One!)
7. Does the tutorial need to be in greater depth and do you have any suggestions?
8. Was the difficulty curve too steep and was there a point where things smoothened out?
9. Were there any game breaking bugs/issues that came up?
10. Was moving between the different battlefields an easy process?

Any other comments and thoughts would be super awesome. Thanks for giving this a look and I eagerly await your feedback!

Will this game be revived any time soon? It seems really interesting and if possible I would like it to be revived maybe with just a download link this game can be revived

Just discovered the remade version it looks so cool!