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Orc Colony

Take command of your first colony as an orc prince. Dig, Build and expand your colony deeper underground. · By Luzon Games

Game limit reached - automatic colony collapse

A topic by Fendo created Aug 13, 2018 Views: 449 Replies: 7
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Loved this early access startup. I am sure that you have already realised that the colony can only grow so big before it automatically collapses. The reason I believe is because porters need to travel further and further as the the colony expands. This means that an exponential increase in porters is needed whilst the size of the only colony increases linearly. This problem finally causes a necessary good like food to pile up where it is made, but not be transferred to  a storeroom, therefore the colony starts starving.

For the game to grow further, a solution like a grand storeroom could be introduced. The grand storeroom would require a goods elevator or passage with a store room node at either end. These nodes could then be incorporated into the porter's logic effectively dividing the colony into two or more separate portage zones and so solve the initial problem above.

I would also love to see some new features like guard posts, barracks, natural caves and guest quarters for visiting dignitaries. And a move feature that allows you move a room without the need to dismiss a worker would useful for grander designs. And one last question, where does the food for the pigs come from?

Since I didn't pay for the game, consider this my way of saying thank you.


The pigs eat goblin poo. Don't ask what the goblins eat, you'd rather not know.

Orc poo?


you're wrong if you have 500 porters its fine


like me

I think you're missing the point... linear size requires exponential porters... stating you have a large number of porters doesn't fix the problem if your colony is large enough.


really cause mine is fine also i can fulfill any request i have 132 stars 198 orcs 95000 gold 10000 stone 7500 food and i can support all my mines and stuff with my 500 porters 

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I hadn't realised that this post was still receiving interest. As it happens, I emailed the developers shortly after posting it and they very decently took the time out to reply. I hope they won't mind if I paste their reply to my original post below.

I have naturally cut out any personal info for the sake of privacy and it should also be noted that the developer's reply below is already over a month old. It could therefore have become obsolete as plans can change.

Thanks for the message. I understand what you're saying and yes, colony collapses when its too big. The game is in its early alpha stage and I'm still working the kinks, so to speak. What I'm focusing on is mostly the Orc Prince's motivation to dig/build/raid. 

 The goblin's algorithm goes like this: When an orc producer needs a resource to be delivered or picked up, it posts it in a goblin tasks list. Now when a goblin finishes a task he would check the list and get to the task at the top of the list, first come first served. I get that if a goblin finishes a task at the bottom of the colony and the next task on the list is on the top of the colony, the goblin will go to the top of the colony. 

 The grand storeroom sounds like a good idea, would have to think about it some more. But dividing or assigning goblins to specific nodes and nodes to specific rooms might be too much micromanagement.

 Barracks will be added to be called Champion Rooms, they will be the ones going on raids. 

 Initial food for pigs was to build a wheat farm underground like in the game Starbound(not sure about this). But the art for that room didn't make it. It was included in a farming tier where you could brew ale. 

Thanks for playing the game and the feedback!