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Composer/Sound designer here!

A topic by Rod Faleiros created Aug 11, 2018 Views: 276 Replies: 11
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Hello everyone! I'm a composer and sound designer, available to integrate teams for #GBJam6. Check out my work for the #GBJam5 

Let's work together! ;)

OOOH nice! I really need a music designer for my game! And your sample is awesome :D

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Nice! Thank you very much! Let's do it! 😃

Let's do it :D

Add me in discord: Haharo#6923

Yay, adding now! (sorry for the late response, my friday was very busy :P)

Hi I like the music :D So nice :D :D

Yay, thanks! Should we do something together this jam? =D

Hi :D is it possible to make a track for this (GBJAM extends one day more)? --->

Hahah! Nice game! I'll try to come up with something. I'm following you on Twitter and will send you the song when it's finished, OK?

Awesome thanks :D !!!

Song ready! Check your twitter ;)