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A VR Spellcasting Experience! Become a powerful wizard and take on a forest filled with undead! · By Polyflame

Videos and Feedback!

A topic by CoalFire created Aug 10, 2018 Views: 89 Replies: 1
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Hey there! I have some mixed feelings about this, the narrator was pretty funny, the gesture based acting was amazing and I really liked the art style. But the horde based levels, healing system and design of enemies for the type of combat this is all felt a bit off. I went pretty in depth with my feedback, so I hope you find it useful!


Hey CoalFire! Your feedback was super insightful and has given us some really great ideas going forward! Thanks for taking the time to not only play our game but also review it in a video! We definitely have some work ahead of us to get Evoke to where we want it to be.