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a gif, not rly a game

A topic by glovegames created Aug 09, 2018 Views: 129 Replies: 2
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heres what i did:

but thats all i could do cause i kept having problems with the program, which is a shame ;__;

problems were: color wheel not working, title changes not saving, gif recorder wouldnt record properly, cannot place exits. dont rly know whats happening but im on windows 10, using google chrome)

heya, i'm sorry you're having trouble! i'm not sure, but it sounds like maybe you were trying to edit things while the game was running? if you run the game to test something you have to click "stop" again before you can keep editing. if you want more/quicker help, feel free to join the bitsy discord server at 

haha, no i did check that playmode was turned off, im not that much of a spanner

 no worries regardless, probably some random compatibility issue, thanks :)