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Kubifaktorium [demo]

Build and manage a colony, use automation, transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium. [Demo] · By Kubifaktorium

Mac demo

A topic by Nattto created Aug 08, 2018 Views: 163 Replies: 8
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It's impossible to open the game file for mac.

i know you can't test it yet, i just say i to you :)

good luck 


Thank you, yes there was a problem in the build process. I've uploaded a new version now, please give it a try! Thank you! :)

i try it tomorow and i give you a feedback :)

i can't find the demo any more :/


Hehe, I just uploaded a new version, it should be up now. :)


Mac Demo works fine! Already commented (and pledged)  on Kickstarter ;)

It does work fine but for me, it's getting low FPS averaging out at 7 even with the lowest settings.


What model of Mac do you have?

MacBook Pro 15" Mid-2015 running with Radeon R9 M370X graphics.