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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

The Until hear repeat mode

A topic by ThatSlimeBoi created Aug 07, 2018 Views: 126 Replies: 2
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when i say start the bot not hear it just go like Repeat forever mode.It is a bug or not?

If you use the "Repeat until hear" option for your bots, you will also need other bots that "Shout" what you want these bots to hear.  For example, below we see in the bottom image there is a bot wearing a Party Hat that is named "GoFish".  This bot waits until the Salmon Storage bin is not full, and then will shout "GoFish" and then wait for 60 seconds.  A second bot wearing a Guy Fawkes Hat that is named "StopFish" waits until the Salmon Storage bin is full, and then will shout "StopFish" and then waits for 60 seconds.  There are also seven bots without hats with names such as "Fish1" that wait until they hear a bot shout "GoFish" and then will repeat a loop in which they use their held item (the fishing pole) to fish for the salmon until they hear a bot shout "StopFish".  Three other bots will take the salmon that they catch and store them in the Salmon Storage bin.  Two other bots wearing Traffic Cone hats will rewind the bots when their power runs out.

Now I get.Im just put objective outsideunder a until hear Repeat but thanks for how to teach robot to fish for me.