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[Press] Press coverage

A topic by GFX47 created 278 days ago Views: 1,146 Replies: 7
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The press is talking about Gladiabots!

Developer (Edited 2 times) (+1)

[FR] Dans le Canard PC de mai 2016, @ackboo parle de l'alpha de Gladiabots

"Un concept original, une réalisation déjà très propre, un prix de zéro euro : facile dans ces conditions de vous recommander chaudement la version pré-alpha de Gladiabots. Je me suis amusé plus d'une heure à passer les dix premières missions disponibles et j'en ai encore la cervelle fumante."


Developer (Edited 2 times) (+1)


"It's a very impressive game, that gives some insight into actual video game AI programming, with a fun premise and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to understand and (most importantly) fun to play! Just be careful how advanced you make the AI – ww don't need a SkyNet unleashed upon the world!"


Developer (Edited 2 times) (+2)


"Games like SpaceChem, Perfect Paths, and TIS-100 have abstracted programming into challenging puzzlers, but the upcoming Gladiabots will let you test your programming skills in the arena of robotic warfare"


(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Pocket gamer is how I actually found Gladiabots =)


Wired UK (Gaming):

"Destroying opposing robots may require only simple chains, but defending a base, retrieving items, and repelling enemies, all at the same time, starts demanding advanced logic and incredible foresight – especially when different types of Gladiabots start becoming available, each with their own specific skills. Thankfully, any errors in your code can be corrected on the fly, making for a speedy, fun lesson in AI design."



Rock Paper Shotgun in their "The week's best free games":

"A clever game, and not without its funny moments, as you destory the entire opposition only to realise all your bots are programmed to huddle around the ball for all eternity because you forgot the "pick up" command."



Gotta love good old Ambidextrous. =)