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A template for drawing fonts

A topic by hoops doggit created Aug 06, 2018 Views: 75 Replies: 3
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This might be a bit overkill but man it would be soo freaking cool to be able to draw all of your desired letters over a template of small canvases (one for each letter/number/glyph?).

I plan on drawing a font in doodle studio for my current project so that all of my visual elements match the same style (primarily numbers atm cos I want to make a clock powerd by code, but i may do letters as well if I can see it being useful). It could potentially allow you to create characters in a similar way that the 9 slice panel works, maybe with some guides for ascenders, decenders etc. I haven't made a font before and I haven't started looking into what's involved but if there was a way to draw the characters straight into doodle studio I would be so super stoaked. Thanks for the great tool Fernando!

I thought about this a lot and I would LOVE a template for making *animated* fonts where you draw one animation per glyph with a simple UI. It'd be a bit involved so no plans for now.

For now you could draw one character per frame (the image would have to be a bit low resolution to fit them all in one file, or you can break it up in several animations). For rendering the text hmmm ideally you'd make a shader that takes the right rect of the final texture (you can save the animation as a sprite sheet) depending on the glyph, or somehow pipe into the existing text rendering pipeline and convert the sprite sheet into a texture with each glyph in the same place in the texture where unity expects them to be.

Send some updates on your progress!

You can also take a look at Custom Fonts.

An editor script could automatically fill out the uv positions for you...

Thanks for the link. I'll def look into it and let you know how I go