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Zend Platformer Engine

A GameMaker platformer engine to create 2d platformer games · By loustak

Full Screen and switching

A topic by skullsruleok created Aug 06, 2018 Views: 200 Replies: 3
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Hey there, bought your engine through GMS2 marketplace and I'm having trouble tracking down the code to enable full screen and player controlled switching, could you please point me to where in the code I can it out? Thanks!


Hi ! Thanks for buying the engine :D

Usually fullscreen is enable trough the GM interface: Options -> Windows -> Graphics and check the box 'Start full screen'.

For your other question, I'm not sure what you mean by "player controlled switching" ?  If you mean you want the player to be able to switch to full screen you just need to call the game maker function window_set_fullscreen(full)

Let me know if I answered you :)

Hi Loustak,
I'm asking because both of the 'Start full screen' and 'Allow window resize' tickboxes don't seem to have any affect, so I was wondering if there is somewhere in the code that overwrites them, also calling that function didn't work for me, so I thought maybe you had defined it elsewhere in a way that wouldn't let me.


Hum, it looks strange I don't think it's related to the engine. I just tester with an empty project containing only zend files and setting the checking the fullscreen tickboxes worked. On GM2 when modifying a parameter in the options, be sure to click the apply button. Does it worked on project whitout zend?