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Birth of the Empires

A 4x Turn Based strategy game similar to classics like Master of Orion 2 or Birth of the Federation · By blotunga

Broken Download speed specifically from and this game

A topic by Lawrence4914 created Aug 04, 2018 Views: 136 Replies: 2
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Alright, I tried downloading from this site, with 264kbs at my disposal, 

 clicked download win10, then it said 10 hrs with 600 bytes or 4kbs wtf

Fix this lol


Sorry about that, probably it's a problem on's side, so you should contact them about it. Until the issue is fixed, what I can help you with is give you access to the game from my personal Google Drive:

Thanks, i found another  folder of the game somewhere while waiting for the crazy long download time so i can play again...xd