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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema

Opinions about the game

A topic by Goldenrose created Jun 16, 2016 Views: 720 Replies: 2
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Hi dear creators!

(I also have a few questions and a bug report at the end of my post)

First let me tell you that I simply love this game. I played through all the main routes: Beau, Emmitt, and Dallas, and I liked all of them. My first one was Emmitt and he was just too adorable for words. At the beginning, I thought he was a bit annoying because of his bragging, but after he joined the band, he was just too likeable. I really liked his responses after he received a gift from Robin too. Whenever he asked Robin to do something after he got a gift, I wished Robin would just say yes, because he soo deserved it just by being him.

Then I played Beau and I didn't think I would like him half as much as Emmitt because of his attitude towards the band and everything, but he turned perfect. Honestly, he was my favorite out of all three of them in the main route. Although he wasn't as adorable as Emmitt, but he was neither half as much of a pain as Dallas was (because Dallas with his meanness toward Robin and everything was just too annoying sometimes and I wished he would just get over it. Although, the ending for him was really nice and made up for most of frustration.) I also liked how everyone reacted when Beau and Robin began to "date." Plus the way they tried to annoy each other was just too funny. I loved Beau so much, I wished that I could have a Beau for myself sometimes when I played his route.

And now with Dallas... He was one complicated man for sure. He also made me feel the same way about him as Robin. At times, I liked him and at other times, I wished he would just stop with all his nonsense. He was too protective of Emmitt (who turned out to be just as adorable in Dallas' route as in his own, and I loved how he comforted Robin when bad things happened) and was nowhere near as nice as Beau. But maybe I only felt that way, because I already played Beau, so whenever Beau said something about band relationships and what not, I just thought, "Come on, Beau. We know that's not really how it is." Plus it was just too funny when Robin teased him in Dallas' route after he lectured her. I just felt so bad when Robin made him look like he only cared about money and the band reputation and not about the band members. After I saw how hurt Beau looked from Robin saying things like that, I started to beg Robin in my mind to just give up on Dallas and go back to Beau and comfort that poor guy who clearly cared about her. But then, I remembered that I was already on Dallas' route and it was impossible, so I just tried to get over it and forget how perfect Beau was on his own route.

So back to Dallas, because I started to get sidetracked by Beau's perfection. I really don't have anything against him, because in his route, Robin acted just as foolish as Dallas, so even though he annoyed me sometimes, I could understand him. At the same time, it was also understandable why it was so hard for Robin, especially when she and Dallas already had a history together. And the fact that she was with Sterling at that time just made it even more complicated. After I've seen their flashbacks, it was even more clear for me that it was both of their faults that they weren't friends anymore. It was just sad to see how perfectly everything could have turned out if Robin didn't start dating Sterling (who turned out to be even worse than in Emmitt' and Beau's route.). But like I said, the ending for Dallas made up for all their foolishness so it was fine.

And now with the Open-Ended mode. So far, I played Faust, Alessandro (who almost equaled Emmitt's cuteness), and Collin. First of all, Faust was in whole new level of fantastic. He wasn't like Emmitt, Dallas, or Beau, but I liked him just the same or even more. Why? Because his confession, his actions, even his frustrating moments, and everything... he was just too sexy and attractive and irresistible. And the way he annoyed Robin when he started speaking German was hilarious. I also liked Faust interaction with Alessandro (since I put them in the same band). At first, I messed it up and could not get into his romance route, but after I managed to, I really started to like him. Although, I could completely understand Robin's frustration that Faust was just too expensive to hire. I only forgave him for that, because his explanation made it funnier. Plus I already liked him (even in Dallas' route when Robin was telling him all her troubles and he didn't even have reaction after that and after asking her if she felt better after that, he walked away) which made me forgive him for everything.

And now with Colin. I wanted to play him since the moment I saw him in the main route,because I was really curious how he would make Robin fall for him, since I seriously could not see that happening. And then he made it happen, and he even managed to make me like him. Probably, because at the end, I felt that the reason for all his acting in front of Robin was just, because he was to insecure to be himself. Although, there were times when even I questioned his actions due to his past with Robin, but at that point, he already made a way to my heart, so I was just mostly mad at Robin for not trusting him more. Since Colin was already in the band and helping Robin, I sort of figured that he wasn't there to hurt her or anything like that.

The only bad thing about the game is that when I looked at the schedule, I noticed that Seth would be released last and I wanted to play him the most. Even when I was already in love with Beau, I felt that Seth could equal him for some reason. I mean, just the way Robin met Seth with his music notes and everything made me like him. So after I played Beau, I looked at the schedule and... he was the last one to be released.

Also, when would Bruno and Owen be released? I have version 0.75 right now and when I added Bruno and Owen to my band, nothing happened. They don't even talk. So I was just curious when they would be released or if I have the right version or not. The other thing is that at first I had version 0.60, then I downloaded the newest version, and although it saved my saving points and I could play Faust, I could not find his name in the Memorabilia. Claudette and Sterling were also not there even though I met them in the main route. Plus I could not even put Claudette in the band, because she was not even in the list of people I could hire. Or is Claudette's name should only be there after she's released?

Developer (1 edit)

I really enjoyed reading this, thank you. I do really enjoy hearing how everyone felt while playing with the different characters. Thank you for writing to us. <3

I am sorry I am struggling with my own schedule. I thought I would work faster than I actually am. :( Bruno and Owen are not "working" because they are not done yet, I'm sorry.

I'm not 100% sure why the Memorabilia page isn't working for you, but I reset newly released characters' pages back to default. I think a lot has changed since 0.60 so that may be why.

I don't know how to send private message on here, but I'd like to send you a Premium Code so that you can use the cheats to unlock Claudette. Maybe try emailing me?

Okay, thanks for explaining it. :) I emailed you with the subject "Goldenrose from, RockRobin" so that you will know who's emailing you. ^^