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New Demo has messed up textures for me

A topic by Daza created Aug 02, 2018 Views: 285 Replies: 15
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This latest demo is doing the same thing as last time, rather than having a single color fill for walls and floors etc, its many lines at different angles, patterns and colors and it flickers and changes patterns as you move (settings set to 1920x1080 and Beautiful). See screenshot below, apart from that I can move around fine. I have a Ge Force 1060  6gb.  Why is it messing up? is this a shader issue?

Glad you are still working on this game, screen shots are looking great and will look at buying it once i can play it when i can play it without the artsy glitchy graphics.  


Thanks for posting. I honestly don't know what's causing the glitch right now, and I haven't been able to replicate it. I can't afford to buy new hardware either, otherwise I'd be grabbing myself a GeForce. All the meshes in your screenshot are generated assets, so it's obviously an issue with my constructor system. I've rewritten everything I can think might be the issue, but it's all guesswork without being able to see the glitch myself...

One thing that might help; Is there anything in the demo that doesn't glitch out, or is it all like this?

I'm having the same issue.  If it's anything like Daza then it's everything, except for the ground outside and oddly the paintings in the gallery.  (with all the development screenshots)  I'm using my laptop's GeForce 870m graphics card.


Thanks vcatkiller. The ground meshes outside are all copies of a simple block I made in another program, so I wouldn't expect them to have the same issue. The paintings are generated by my in-game constructor, but they don't use the same texture or material as everything else. If it was just the meshes that the constructor creates, then I'd expect the same issue...

That would suggest it's an issue with the shader, but I already tried using a bunch of different shaders...

Okay, I might've just figured out what's going on. It'll take some rewriting of the constructor system, and I won't be able to test it myself. Daza & vcatkiller, do you mind if I message you when I've got a new build and ask you to test it?

That's fine.  Actually I had just returned to say I'd looked in the output_log.txt file in the demo's data directory and found the line "WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Reflective/VertexLit' - Pass 'BASE' shader state not supported" but it sounds like you're on top of things.  Cool.  :)


I've uploaded a new build, with the attempted fix in place. I'd love to know if it looks any different at all. Even a slight change might mean I'm on the right track.

Yep, there's been some improvements.  The hotel has stopped flickering, as has a few items and other buildings on the map.  Some of the buildings are still flickering though, such as the gallery, but I assume that's because you're just testing on a few things to see what the issue is.  At least it's starting to work for me anyhow.


Oh, that's fantastic news. I've just noticed the gallery's actually using an old material, so that just confirms the fix has worked. I'll do a check for materials, and get those updated next. Thank you so much for testing that out.

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Yes much improvement for me (build 3-8-2018), but some buildings are still glitching. The main building you start in is almost perfect, a lamp was glitching in the room i was in (see first pic below), but everything else inside and outside the building was spot on.  More screen shots of which buildings were still glitching. I didnt explore the whole block though just what you see.Lamp Shade Glitch

Lamp Shade Glitch

Also is it possible to open/close doors currently? 


Thanks, Daza. I've hopefully sorted out all the old materials now, and that should all be fixed in the next update.

Yes, you can open and close doors. I've just disabled the interaction in this version because I'm still working on it. Basic interaction actually works fine, but I'm adding more levels to the system, so that objects can have more than one option (take, push over, wield as weapon etc.). I'll update as soon as that's in place.

Ok. Feel free to post in this thread when you do update (as i will get an email notification) and i can check if this issue is completely sorted in the next update. 

Tried the 15/09/2018 demo recently...


I guess that serves me right for keeping the unfixed material around. I've replaced that texture with a bright pink one now, currently going through the scene and removing old instances. Should be fine in the next build, though I know I've said that before...

Anyway, thanks so much for letting me know.


New version's up. I've removed every instance of the glitchy material, as far as I can tell.

Thanks for the update. Here is a new screenshot showing some background weirdness, these are like flat colored squares and are seen in the background of the city block.  The other buildings otherwise appears to be fixed now in terms on of those earlier reported texture glitches.


Thanks, that's awesome news. Those flat blocks in the background are intentional; they're showing where the next building floors are going to be. I'll turn them into new buildings soon.