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The classic Blitz3D compiler for PC. · By Blitz Research

Full free downloadable versión?

A topic by Jcblitz created Aug 01, 2018 Views: 1,001 Replies: 3
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Hi. I've downloaded blitz plus, blitz3d and monkey pro. I tried to see all the blitzplus manual but there are some commands not available in those free versions. Am I wrong? What's the matter if I want to sell a compiled selfmade program made in blitz plus? Thanks

All versions of blitzplus, blitz3d, blitzmax and monkey-x are (or should be) full versions and are completely open source so you can do whatever you want with stuff you write using them.


hola buenas noches si realizo un juego puedo comercializarlo , venderlo sin licencia ?

gracias espero su respuesta y la verdad es un gran motor .-


si claro que puedes