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Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

Please create a license to state creator's rights and responsabilities

A topic by brancoliticus created Jul 26, 2018 Views: 301 Replies: 5
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There is the github issue at and also there is no definition of who keeps what intellectual property rights over created content. Please consider that for example Activision Blizzard receives the full copyright for everything that is created with the map editors of their Starcraft and Warcraft strategy games according to their respective EULAs just to spite anyone that might want to do a straight port of something they created in those editors to some other platform and sell it. Bitsy not having a licensing agreement that states rights and responsabilities is just a horendous thing.

For the record: Do I have the intellectual property rights over the graphical assets, logic control flow, story that I create in Bitsy? Do I have intellectual property rights over the html file that is exported by Bitsy? Can I stick the file into a SuperSmartTranslatorTM and get something that I can legally sell on any games distribution platform or store?



Great question that needs an answer.


Yes, we would like to know about this as well. We have no plans on making a fully made game yet but it would be helpful if we knew what we were allowed to do with the contents of the game and if we could sell it. We currently created a test project but the future is blurry when it comes to that potential game.

To reiterate, we will not sell any game made using Bitsy unless we are given permission to do so. If we are not given permission then we will not make a complete game using the Bitsy engine.

It is not completely pointless for us to make a game in Bitsy but the likelihood of us continuing to use Bitsy isn't clear. We hope to hear from you on this issue.

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Yes, it is a very limited resource and if we had to buy a license then we would not use the service. However, that is not what we were asking. We were asking if we can make a game in the engine and then sell the game. A license of some sort is required most of the time for engines like this one and some engines can be used free of charge via a creative commons license.

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