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Issues with text to window size

A topic by all0blood created Jul 26, 2018 Views: 83 Replies: 1
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Im having an issue when making my splits; when I open my split file i'm guessing the title is just a tad too long, because the title itself is cut. (Dragon's Dogma Dark/ Arisen NG+) Is there a way to lengthen the window horizontally just a tad, or to resize the window completely to how I want, or just enough so the title itself is fully visible? I tried changing the fonts, but the ones that worked I think looked too complex for how small it is. I tried changing the numbers in the .ini file, but from maxing out (700) most to minimizing (25) most of the numbers there was no visible change. I'm unsure if i'm doing something wrong or just something hasn't been implemented yet.

That part of the customization has not been implemented yet on the Mac version.

(If you want, you can run the Windows version through WINE to have all features, and use it until the features are available on the Mac version.)