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Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale

A fantasy where choices will change the course of history, and peril chokes the land. · By AoDLegacy

Chapter 2: Version 0.6.2 <In Development>

A topic by AoDLegacy created Jul 22, 2018 Views: 46 Replies: 4
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As part of an effort to bring content to you more regularly as we continue developing the game, here is our plans for the next update.

  • More Music (Hanaru Village, Underworld Theme, Death's Theme)
  • New Battlers (Male Thrall, Indervious the Infallible, Frost Wolf, Regular Wolf, Calypso Fight Enemy)
  • New Cutscenes (Gardis Sidestory, MC/Companion Sidestory, Introduction Scenes)
  • Sidestories: Gardis' home's fate and the unveiling of his Inner Power, The extended backstory of the MC and their Companion
  • New Region: Ancient Coast (Subareas include Ruins of Majoria, MC/Companion Birthplace, and one side village.
  • Final Adjustments to Calypso Boss (first phase of combat this time)

More stuff may be added into this update as we go through the development cycle. We're trying to keep these updates bite sized so that they give little bits of extra things to add to the experience of the game without completely driving us crazy in terms of keeping our pace up. Please as always let us know if you have any suggestions, issues, or problems you'd like us to be aware of.

Update on Chapter 2 Version 0.6.2!

  • Music: Death's theme in the works, everything else in.
  • Battlers: ✓
  • Cutscenes: Beginning Basic Development. Concept art in works.
  • Sidestories: Rough Drafts
  • Region: In dev
  • Calypso Adjustments: TBA

I've not run a balance check in a while, once things are farther along in the private version of the game, I may livestream a playthrough to see where things stand. Please understand I'm only one guy so playtesting takes a long time. Most game dev stuff for public build will be slower to add because right now we're trying to blitz through basic story stuff for the full game, once we've got the main scenario roughed out, we can go back and refine everything.

Concept art for Gardis backstory scenes.

Today's update is a small one, but I've got a barebones UI and the general idea for the Skill Points System as seen in this video. The plan is to start phasing this mechanic in once I've developed a new library of skills and abilities that match the goals and ideas of this new system. We're in the very beginnings of working on this, so no public builds will feature this directly until I'm sure it's ready to go. Anyway, enjoy the brief look, and I'll have something more interesting later for you guys once I have a definite build of this in progress.

Making more progress on the skill point system, working on the first Super Monster, Corpse Mound. Here's a look at his mechanics! (Still heavily wip!)

Chapter 4 and the Finale of the game are in development! This unfortunately will put public builds on hold for a while we focus on completing the rest of the game. Public content will resume once we have more time to focus on it. Hope you all are doing well and happy holidays!