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When I yaw it wants to roll

A topic by jbalat created Jun 05, 2016 Views: 539 Replies: 2
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Finding it very hard to do a yaw turn without any roll mixing going on..

Can you have a look. It happens more when you are on high rates.

1. Try going fast, you can level out or not up to you.

2. Do a fast yaw turn so that you are facing the other way.

3. I dont touch the roll but the it wants to roll


There is no yaw/roll mixing. The perceived roll effect is more pronounced when having a highly uptilted camera.

Joshua Bardwell speaks a bit on this in this tutorial video:

I think this video is not the one that explains things, but it is the one that causes the confusion for people who follow Joshua's tutorial series. But he explains the issue with details in another video here: