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Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale

A fantasy where choices will change the course of history, and peril chokes the land. · By AoDLegacy

Content Plans [As of the RM MV Update] Sticky

A topic by AoDLegacy created Jul 17, 2018 Views: 103 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone, here to give you a general outlook on our plans for the game in the immediate future. 

This Month - Next Month

  • Begin implementing Story Demo.
    • Realm of the Dead Implementation
    • Death Boss Battle
    • -Final Release for Tech Demo prior to Story Demo development-
    • Hanaru Village Implementation
    • Caldera's Keep Implementation
    • Frozen Mansion Implementation
    • Story Cutscene implementation
  • Finish Tech Demo Development
    • Implement Female Striker and Male Hunter
    • Balance and test accordingly
    • Test Alchemist Store concept
    • Implement a proper system for Resource Gathering.
    • Implement phasing tech as to split Tech Demo from Story Demo for ease of patching and updating.

Please check here for major schedule changes, as well as to gauge how far along we are in our goals.